7 tips for a happy, healthy Thanksgiving

  1. Start with Breakfast:  Try hot whole-grain cereal and an egg-white omelet brimming with veggies.
  2. Know Yourself:  For most of us, there’s a certain part of the meal that gives us the most trouble i.e. dessert. If you have a sweet tooth, plan for it. If a taste of chocolate satisfies you, take it & enjoy. But if one taste sends you wanting a lot more, offer to bring your own healthy dessert, such as fresh raspberries and sorbet. Or have dessert waiting for you when you return home. A nice reward for a job well done!
  3. Eat Slowly:  Put your fork down in between bites & savor every bite.
  4. Position Yourself Well: Don’t put yourself right in front of the candy dish. Who needs the agony? Plant yourself elsewhere, facing other pleasures – a nice fire, warm smiles, etc.
  5. Divide Your Plate Well: Fill half your plate with vegetables, one quarter with white turkey meat, and the rest with a healthy starch, like corn on the cob, a baked potato, roasted sweet potatoes or a piece of fruit.
  6. Do What You Want: People often think that if they say “no” to certain dishes, everyone notices, or the host is insulted, when in fact there’s a very good chance no one notices. Just play it down. Simply say, “No thanks, I’m full,” or “Try me later.” Then, sit back and enjoy the rest of your healthy Thanksgiving Day.
  7. Start the day being active & continue it: Go outside and enjoy the crisp autumn air.  Take a walk early in the day. And after dinner, suggest everyone go out (if the weather permits) for a neighborhood stroll. What a wonderful way for families to enjoy the holiday together.  Plan some outdoor fun before dinner, like a game of soccer or volleyball with the kids. (It’s a great strategy for keeping the appetizer buffet at bay, too.)

What if you went overboard on sausage-filled stuffing, greasy gravy, and pumpkin pie?

-No guilt…just get right back on track!  Return home to a well-stocked fridge with healthy foods for the day after Thanksgiving. (A big bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen table. Fresh salad fixings in the fridge for lunch. Nonfat yogurt and other healthy snack foods.  Make healthy use of leftovers. Top your salad, for example, with strips of roasted, skinless turkey breast.)  And certainly, keep moving. A hike in the woods. A game of softball. Cruising the shopping mall. In other words, do your best to stay off the couch.

-Don’t restrict your food intake in the days that follow. Start Black Friday with a healthy well-balanced breakfast & go on from there.

-Focus instead on the present, and praise yourself for laying the groundwork with a post-Thanksgiving plan. Be proud that you’re conscious of your eating and exercise behaviors, and your efforts to improve them.  Continue to lay the groundwork for a healthier life in 2019 and beyond!


Thanks for the inspiration Pritikin: https://www.pritikin.com/your-health/healthy-living/eating-right/1018-10-tips-for-a-happy-healthy-thanksgiving.html. 

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