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Double green smoothie…yummy…really!

  Thank you WCAT Wakefield and Whole Foods Melrose for this fun healthy recipe demo show!  Kid-friendly, back to school breakfast or snack:  the now famous double green smoothie is featured. Looking forward to Fall, Winter, Spring seasonal tapings!

Keep it going!

Decades of data showing American kids are too heavy have begun to change direction. This is undeniably good news, but Dr. Thomas Frieden, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters in a conference call last week, “It’s not like we’re out of the woods.” Far from it. Just a glance… Read More

August is Massachusetts Breastfeeding Month!

  Here is what is going on in Melrose and Wakefield: The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has provided a grant to six communities in Massachusetts in order to provide breastfeeding support to mothers after discharge from the hospital.   The grant was provided to the North Suburban Team which includes Hallmark Health Systems, Mass in… Read More

8 Healthy Summer Snack Ideas

  Now that kids are out of school for the summer, engage them in snack and meal preparation. Listed below are some simple recipes your children will enjoy. Happy Summer! Fruit Kebobs:  Use 3 wooden skewers to thread 1 cup grapes, 12 cut strawberries & 1 cup cubed melon of choice to a fruit kebob!… Read More

Sample of A List “Acceptable” Vending Items and Snacks

  Here’s a snapshot of some of the John Stalker Institute approved vending items and snacks.  Many of these you can find at the grocery store so refer to this next time you are shopping: Chips, Pretzels and Popcorn Baked Lay’s Potato Chips Cheetos Fantastix! Doritos Reduced Fat Tortilla Chips Rold Gold Heartzels Pretzels Smart Food… Read More