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Route 66 Virtual Team Race…Team Red at Dockside

The first ever Mass in Motion-Melrose/Wakefield Route 66 community Virtual Team 2013 race is underway, thanks to a collaboration between Fivi Health Networks and Mass in Motion-Melrose/Wakefield. 105 residents are involved in this first-ever community portal race in Massachusetts, and make up twenty-one teams of 5.  Beginning February 5, teams entered into a real time… Read More

New…Healthy Food Access Portal

PolicyLink, The Food Trust, and The Reinvestment Fund are excited to announce the Healthy Food Access Portal:

Putting expired foods to healthy use

food labels, decoded

What do terms like natural, organic, and low sugar really mean?  Here’s some healthy perspective on what you’re actually putting in your grocery cart. When it comes to food labels, any dietician worth her salt will tell you to pay attention to them.  But not all the words on those labels are created equal.  Certain… Read More