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2012 in Review

What a busy year for the Mass in Motion-Melrose/Wakefield Team Thank you to all that helped make the following accomplishments happen…and many more to come!   Eat Better! Increase accessibility, availability, affordability of healthful foods in communities: Melrose Public Schools Food Service implemented the MA School Nutrition Standards for Competitive Foods and Beverages—offering nourishing food… Read More

Wellness Wednesdays in Nov & Dec

It’s such a busy time of year that it’s easy to put your healthy habits (i.e. exercise, eating better) on the back burner.  Though it may not be your top priority with the bustle of the holidays, we can’t afford to not take care of ourselves. Introducing Wellness Wednesdays!  Check our calendar weekly for the fruit and veggie… Read More

Start to finish…the 8 minute kid-friendly lunch

Literally 8 minutes (cook & prep time) and if you have a little one, they can help!! Got back from the library yesterday as the clock struck noon.  As we walked through the front door, my oldest son (3 year old) stated he was hungry & said “I’d like to help, please!”.  I set him up to wash his… Read More

Swap this for that! Lunch edition

Thank you Nearly 70% of working Americans buy their lunch instead of brown-bagging it.  Problem is, 96% of entrees at popular chain restaurants exceed the USDA’s limits for calories, sodium, and saturated fat, reports the journal Public Health Nutrition.  Making simple ingredient swaps can have a tremendous impact on the quality of your meal… Read More

It’s the Holiday Season!?! 2 tips to keep stress levels down

City of Melrose HR sent this November Wellness Newsletter link along.  Worth glancing over! With the Holiday Season approaching the times of joy and celebration can bring some stress and hectic moments in our lives. This is when it is most important that all of us practice self-preservation skills. The link below is a monthly… Read More

Parents: 5 simple steps for success

For Parents… Keep fresh fruit in a bowl within your child’s reach to grab as a quick snack Take a walk with your family after dinner Plan a menu for the week.  Get children involved in cooking and planning. Turn the TV off during meals and share some family time. Talk to the principal about organizing a school health team.