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‘Tis the season for fitness! Gifts, that is.

As the holidays approach (and, oh so quickly!) we may be overwhelmed with too many holiday parties, pressure to buy impressive presents for our friends and loved ones, and just a general sense of stress that comes from all things holiday-related. I mean, let’s face it; sometimes going home for the holidays does add to… Read More

Holiday Eats

It’s December and holiday foods are on my mind (and maybe yours too). Making healthy food choices can be tough, especially where festive snacks and meals are everywhere. But, who says all holiday munchies have to be high in fat and sugar? Healthy holiday eating is possible! Here is a list of ideas to help… Read More

7 Holiday Eating Tips

The holiday season is upon us! Making healthy choices isn’t always easy this time of year, as lots of holiday food makes its annual appearance just as busy schedules seem to ruin the chance for exercise. Eating real meals will help you eat well and resist turning to the nearest plate of sugar cookies. Here… Read More

Here’s Your Healthy Thanksgiving Day Game Plan

A registered dietitian and a personal trainer give us their best tips for staying healthy this Turkey Day. By Jamie Ducharme | Hub Health | November 20, 2014 4:07 p.m. Thanksgiving: A holiday when gluttony is not only encouraged, it’s expected. However, despite the holiday’s reputation, it doesn’t have to be the start of a… Read More