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Frozen and canned fruit and veggies…what’s the deal?

It’s ok to look for frozen and canned foods as alternatives to fresh fruits and vegetables, especially this time of year. Here are some tips to keep in mind while going through the grocery aisle: * Avoid dented containers to make sure your fruits and vegetables are safe to eat. * Canned foods may be higher… Read More

Keeping kids active all winter long

When you picture outdoor activities you can do with your kids, do you automatically imagine a warm, summer day?  Many people don’t realize how much fun they can have as a family during a New England winter.  As long as kids are dressed warmly, there are lots of fun, age-appropriate activities that can kids get… Read More

Keep it Moving in Small Spaces

If you think a small living space or yard means no room for physical activity, think again! We at MA Children at Play believe any movement is good movement. So turn off the TV, computer, and video games and help get your child moving more in small spaces. As always, keep the safety and age… Read More

How to get your child to try (and like!) new foods

The best time to form lifelong healthy eating habits is when kids are young. This means offering a variety of foods on a regular basis. Some of these foods will be new to your child. I’m sure every parent can agree that introducing new foods to a child may be easier said than done. Do… Read More

‘Tis the season for fitness! Gifts, that is.

As the holidays approach (and, oh so quickly!) we may be overwhelmed with too many holiday parties, pressure to buy impressive presents for our friends and loved ones, and just a general sense of stress that comes from all things holiday-related. I mean, let’s face it; sometimes going home for the holidays does add to… Read More

Holiday Eats

It’s December and holiday foods are on my mind (and maybe yours too). Making healthy food choices can be tough, especially where festive snacks and meals are everywhere. But, who says all holiday munchies have to be high in fat and sugar? Healthy holiday eating is possible! Here is a list of ideas to help… Read More