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Here’s Your Healthy Thanksgiving Day Game Plan

A registered dietitian and a personal trainer give us their best tips for staying healthy this Turkey Day. By Jamie Ducharme | Hub Health | November 20, 2014 4:07 p.m. Thanksgiving: A holiday when gluttony is not only encouraged, it’s expected. However, despite the holiday’s reputation, it doesn’t have to be the start of a… Read More

Your Halloween Plan should involve The Switch Witch

1) Go out trick or treating 2) Kids pick 5-1o pieces of candy they want to keep and eat (1x day) 3) Leave rest of candy out on porch overnight for Switch Witch 4) You switch out the rest of their candy for a gift before you hit the pillow Halloween Night!  

Where are the bike racks in Wakefield?

You can park your bike here: Town Hall parking lot at #1 Lafayette Street Veteran’s Field, North Avenue Spaulding Playground, end of Lake Avenue (Lower Common) Union Street, across from Public Safety Building Corner of Main Street & Lincoln Street Doyle Library Wakefield T station Greenwood T station Mapleway Fields/Playground High School Woodville