We all scream for ice cream! A 3 ingredient dessert my boys love

It’s delicious & it gets rid of a pesky problem in my kitchen–leftover too-ripe bananas.

All you need are frozen bananas, peanut butter, cocoa powder & a food processor.


Here’s what you do for prep:

I break the too-ripe bananas into smaller pieces and put them in a bag into the freezer.


When we want dessert:

I pull the bananas out of the freezer at dinner time & let them defrost a bit in my food processor.

After dinner, I start pulsing the bananas to get them going.  They are the base of this “ice cream”.  Next I grab any peanut butter or nut butter I have on hand.  I add a few scoops to the bananas as they whirl around in the processor.  Once the peanut butter & bananas begin to incorporate together, I taste test.  Add my peanut butter if it tastes too banana-y.  Then I add my 3rd ingredient: unsweetened cocoa powder.  Keep swirling until it looks like chocolate ice cream.  Divide into bowls and add any toppings.  Lately we’ve been adding in some mini marshmallows for a rocky road vibe.


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