Yummy Superbowl Sunday

Sunday, February 4 is fast approaching and is always a great excuse to get together with friends and family. Not all game day fare has to be unhealthy. Whether I am hosting the party or going as a guest, I always make a healthy option for the big game.

Here are some tips and possibilities for healthy munchies:

1. There are many dip mix options out there. Blend your own with low-fat plain Greek yogurt. Mix 1 cup of Greek yogurt with 1 teaspoon of dried dill, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, and a dash of salt and pepper. Serve with baked chips and a large plate of cut veggies (carrots sticks, celery, bell peppers, grape tomatoes and cucumbers).

2. Make fresh salsa and add black beans and corn for a twist, or stir in diced peaches and mangos for a sweeter variation.

3. Create your own snack mixes with cereal, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, and roasted unsalted nuts.

4. Bake chicken tenders with whole wheat bread crumbs mixed with herbs.

5. Use whole wheat dough to make homemade pizzas. Top the sauce with part-skim shredded mozzarella, turkey pepperoni and colorful vegetables.

6. Cut up fresh fruit and put on toothpicks for easy-to-eat fruit kabobs.

What are some of your favorite Super Bowl Sunday foods? Let us know what you are planning to make!

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