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Mass in Motion: Melrose & Wakefield aims to provide residents with simple, practical and cost effective ways to eat better and move more at home, work and in the community. This grant will allow a new framework to support these initiatives by coordinating a cross section of local agencies, community groups, local businesses and coalitions to address these issues in a local comprehensive approach.

Let’s make the healthy choice, the easy choice in Melrose and Wakefield!

The Centers for Disease Control recently awarded the Massachusetts Department of Public Health a $1.57 million per year for five years Community Transformation grant to promote health and wellness in eleven Middlesex County communities.

The Municipal Wellness and Leadership Grant Program is one component of the overall Mass in Motion initiative and provides grants to cities and towns to make wellness a priority and support their efforts to tackles the root causes of chronic disease such as poor diet and lack of physical activity through the implementation of policy, systems and environmental strategies to increase access to healthy eating and active living opportunities.

Approximately $60,000 per year of this county grant will be used in Melrose and Wakefield and will focus on the promotion of healthy eating and active living.

Ambitious overall county goals include increasing accessibility, availability, affordability, and identification of healthful foods in communities (i.e. restaurants, public schools, convenience stores, farmers markets) and increasing the total number of physical activity opportunities including walking/bicycling to/from school (i.e. Safe Routes to School).

Please contact the grant coordinator, Kara Showers, for more information or to get involved!



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