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(Melrose, MA) June 13, 2013 –The Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee, re-established by the City of Melrose in 2012 with support from Mayor Dolan, is working throughout Melrose to improve conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists and promote walking and bicycling as a viable, healthy, and fun means of transportation.


Rules of the Road

The Committee, in conjunction with Mass Bike and Safe Routes to School, offers the following rules of the road reminders for bicyclists:

  • Always stop before entering the road and look both ways
  • Ride on the right, in the same direction as cars
  • Obey traffic signs, signals, and laws
  • Stop at all red lights and stop signs
  • Look back and signal before turning
  • Stop for people walking
  • If you ride at night you need a white front light and a red rear light


Bike Helmets

When it comes to your bike helmet, remember EYES EARS MOUTH.  First adjust your helmet so it is level and snug.

EYES:  You should see the edge of your helmet when you look up.

EARS:  The straps should meet right under your ears to form a Y.

MOUTH:  The strap should be snug enough that if you open your mouth you feel the helmet pull down.

Need a helmet?  During regular City Hall business hours, the Melrose Health Department (located in the Lower Level City Hall, 562 Main Street) sells bike helmets for all (sizes toddler to XL) for $10.00.


What clothes to wear


BRIGHT:  Wear bright clothing so that others can see you.

TIGHT:  Tuck away shoelaces and backpack straps. Watch your pant legs.


Bike Checkup


Air:  Pinch the tires, they should be hard.

Brakes:  Make sure brakes work and aren’t rubbing the tire.

Chain:  Make sure you can shift gears and the chain is tight.

QUICK:  Make sure all quick release levers and/or bolts are tight, especially the wheels.

CHECK:  Make sure nothing else on your bike is broken.

For Bicyclists:  Ride Smarter and Motorists: Drive Safer tips, please visit


The Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee will continue to offer tools and resources and welcomes input from the community.  Please visit or email



About Mass in Motion-Melrose/Wakefield, a Program of the City of Melrose and Town of Wakefield Health Department

Mass in Motion-Melrose/Wakefield works locally to increase opportunities for Melrose and Wakefield residents to eat better and move more in the places they live, learn, work, and play. Melrose and Wakefield are among 52 cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth that are part of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Mass in Motion Municipal Wellness and Leadership Program.  Mass in Motion-Melrose/Wakefield is working to support the implementation of Safe Routes to School, Healthy Market Program, Access to Farmers Markets, Healthy Dining Program, and improving school nutrition initiatives that will make the healthy choice the easy choice for residents.

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