(Melrose, MA) July 11, 2013….Mass in Motion-Melrose/Wakefield is proud to announce that Cappa’s Trackside Kitchen, located at 1 Grove Street in Melrose, has joined the Healthy Dining Program. The Mass in Motion Healthy Dining Program is an initiative of the City of Melrose and Town of Wakefield Health Departments and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH).

L-R:  Charlotte Osgood (daughter), Ashley Osgood (granddaughter), Debora Penachio
L-R: Charlotte Osgood (daughter), Ashley Osgood (granddaughter), Debora Penachio

Restaurant foods tend to be higher in calories, fat and sodium, and portions are bigger than food prepared at home. But more and more customers are looking for healthier options while dining out.  The Mass in Motion Healthy Dining Program works with local restaurants to make healthy food and drink options available to customers. By offering healthy entrees and side dishes, local restaurants are making it easier for Melrose customers to make healthy choices.

Debora Penachio at Cappa’s has been working with Kara Showers, Mass in Motion-Melrose/Wakefield, and Melrose Health Department summer intern Aileen Ochoa, to create a Healthy Alternatives menu, promoting fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grain options, as well as smaller portions.  Debora and her family and staff were very proactive in developing this healthy menu.

“I was pleasantly surprised to discover healthy choices were already being served when customers ask; for example, whole wheat English muffins and egg white substitutions.  Now with the new menu, these options are clearly visible,” said Kara Showers, coordinator of Mass in Motion-Melrose/Wakefield program.

For Debora Penachio, owner of Cappa’s, participation in this program is personal.  “After speaking with a nutritionist, I started making healthy choices for myself. So it made sense for us to offer the same for our customers,” Debora said.

Please bring your family, friends and coworkers by this summer to try offerings such as the salmon and spinach omelette with feta cheese, fresh fruit bowl and many more.

If you are interested in joining the Healthy Dining program in Melrose or Wakefield, please contact Kara Showers at 781-979-4123 or

Healthy Dining Decal
Healthy Dining Decal

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