Did you know many Melrose & Wakefield convenience stores have healthy options inside?

It’s true!  Recently, we have been stopping by and chatting with our local corner and convenience store owners and managers.  Many stores are selling (or thinking about selling) healthy items like nuts, dried fruits, bananas, 100% juices etc.  Not just chips and soda!!

Melrose and Wakefield community members are demanding healthy options and this Mass in Motion project team is here to support store owners in making this a reality: introducing our Healthy Corner Store Project.

The proven idea here is by increasing community access to healthful food and drink items, the more likely we are to decrease the incidence of chronic diseases (i.e. high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes etc) among our families.



To get involved, contact Kara at kshowers@cityofmelrose.org or 781-979-4123.

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