Found a new way to get my workout in!

I’m guessing if you are like me, it seems like every time you turn around you have multiple loads of laundry to fold and sort.  Where is that laundry robot?  Oh, there’s no such thing.

I had low energy come 8:3opm last night so I turned on the TV.  Instead of just sitting there though, I decided to tackle the huge mound of laundry while I watched a show.  Step 1: dumped the 4 loads of clothes on the couch.  Step 2: squats and side leg lifts as I folded and sorted.  Step 3: Relax…I did a 20 minute butt/leg workout and got my chore done!!!  Believe it or not, I felt energized afterward.

Is this the healthiest day ever?  No.  Is it on the right track?  Yes.  There is no one way to be “healthy” but how about we each make one positive change each day and learn from each other.  The little things DO matter.  Please share your story.

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