Frozen and canned fruit and veggies…what’s the deal?

It’s ok to look for frozen and canned foods as alternatives to fresh fruits and vegetables, especially this time of year.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while going through the grocery aisle:

* Avoid dented containers to make sure your fruits and vegetables are safe to eat.

* Canned foods may be higher in sugar or sodium, so look for fruits canned in their own juice and vegetables without added salt. You may also rinse canned vegetables with water to remove excess salt.

* Choose frozen plain vegetables or those made with low-fat sauces to control fat and calories, and remember to check the label for added sugar or salt.

There are so many things you can do with frozen or canned vegetables and fruits, and many times snacks and meals that use frozen fruits or vegetables can be prepared a lot quicker!  Frozen broccoli comes all chopped up, so that’s one less step you need to take when you make a healthy version of chicken, broccoli and ziti! Also, frozen berries can be added to non-fat vanilla yogurt to make one of the quickest, most satisfying breakfasts you can make for yourself.

When fresh fruits and vegetables are hard to find, canned and frozen fruits and vegetables CAN be a healthy, and convenient, option.

What do you do with frozen or canned f&v?

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