’s Favorite Get-Healthy Apps

There are a dizzying 13,600-plus health apps on the market today, and while we ( frankly don’t recommend checking out all of them,  here are 4 new ones we think you’ll find really useful:

  • Meal Snap:  Take a picture of your food and this ingenious app tells you how many calories are in it.  We have no idea how it works but so far we’ve been impressed by the accuracy!  (iTunes, $3)
  • Gympact:  What if you had to pay strangers every time you skipped the gym?  That’s the idea behind GymPact:  You committ dollars to ta least 1 workout a week.  Check in at your gym and keep the bucks and earn cash rewards.  Skip the gym and your money goes to folks who did work out! (iTunes, from $5 per missed gym visit)
  • Jillian Michaels Slim Down Solution:  Amazing videos, skinny recipes, smart trackers–all selected and tested by the uber-inspiring star trainer herself.  (iTunes, free)
  • Foodily:  You’re dying to try that chocolate banana muffin recipe posted by your favorite food blogger but you’ve got to get the carb count first.  Foodily can help: it tallies the nutritonal data on recipes in cyberspace that lack that crucial info, so you can make healthier choices or adapt recipes to your needs. (iTunes, free)

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