Healthy Holiday Tips

The holiday season is upon us! And for many of us, the holidays have a way of expanding the waist and trimming the wallet. We often overindulge and find ourselves trying to lose the weight after the holidays. A healthier way to go about it is to make smart choices at holiday gatherings and to continue getting regular physical activity.

Here are some tips to help you during your holiday events.

1.     Create healthy traditions by bringing a healthy version of a favorite holiday dish

2.     Eat a high protein, healthy snack before arriving at a holiday party

3.     Find the vegetable platter at holiday parties and eat the veggies first

4.     Stop eating when you are comfortably full not stuffed

5.     Avoid the holiday cookies

6.     Donate or freeze any food gifts that you receive

7.     Pack healthy snacks to bring to the office during the holiday events

8.     Stick with your physical activity routine


Just by following some of these simple strategies you may avoid excess calories and pounds. Happy Smart Holiday Eating!

[Tips adapted from the NC EatSmart Holiday Challenge Campaign]

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