Healthy Kids Out of School–an amazing resource!

Are you ready to help kids Drink Right, Move Move and Snack Smart?

Here’s what the Healthy Kids Hub can offer your program:

Three simple principles for healthy habits in out-of-school time programs:

  1. Drink Water:  choose water instead of sugar-sweetened beverages
  2. Move More:  boost movement and physical activity in all programs
  3. Snack Smart:  fuel up on fruits and vegetables

Hundreds of free educational materials, including ideas for tasty snacks and fun physical activity breaks, plus discounted products to support healthy habits for kids.

A community of thousands of leaders across the country who have taken the pledge to help kids Drink Right, Move More and Snack Smart.

Visit and take the pledge to put your program on the map and get a printable certificate.

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Healthy Kids Out of School is an initiative of childobesity180 in collaboration with Tufts University, with core funding from the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation.

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