Mass in Motion Blog: Healthy Dining Champion of the Month: Malden’s Dockside Restaurant

Here in Melrose and Wakefield we are excited to be launching our Healthy Dining Program!  We are looking for restaurants and other food establishments who are offering or willing to work toward offering:

  • At least two choices of fruits and/or vegetables (other than potatoes)
  • Substitution of salad or other vegetables for fried potatoes (e.g. French fries) at no extra cost
  • Low-fat, low-calories, lower sodium and trans fat free menu items when offered designation
  • 1% or skim milk when milk is offered as a beverage
  • Tap water free of charge and/or as the default beverage
  • Smaller portions: half portion size or half meal-to-go option

Having healthy options will attract new customers, increase sales and benefit the health of our community!

Application materials coming soon.  Contact Kara Showers, Mass in Motion grant coordinator,, 781-979-4123.

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