Melrose and Wakefield participating in Mass in Motion Healthy Corner Store Program

Mass in Motion-Melrose/Wakefield is proud to announce its participation in the Mass in Motion Healthy Corner Store Program, an initiative of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Convenience stores tend to lack fresh, healthy, affordable food and drink options. Many people are looking for healthy options when they’re on the go. When residents can easily access healthy foods, they are more likely to choose healthy options. The Mass in Motion Healthy Corner Store Program works with local convenience store owners to make healthy food and drink options more readily available. By promoting healthy options, the local markets are helping to make healthy choices easier for customers in Melrose and Wakefield.

Mass in Motion-Melrose/Wakefield is already working with convenience store owners to help them meet Healthy Corner Store recommendations.  Participation is easy, and in many cases, stores simply have to reorganize and feature healthy foods they already offer. Healthy Corner Store Program participants receive help obtaining fresh fruits and vegetables, requesting healthier products from distributors, and accessing small business funding and services.

Please patronize these local stores who have already begun to stock fresh produce and healthy affordable foods:  in Melrose: Shell (Nouria Energy), Common Market, Bob’s Market, Tower Plaza Variety and in Wakefield: 7-Eleven, Circle K/Irving, Sunoco.

If you are interested in becoming a Healthy Corner Store in Melrose or Wakefield please contact Kara Showers at 781-979-4123 or


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