Melrose Shell is now a Mass in Motion Healthy Market

Mass in Motion-Melrose/Wakefield is proud to announce that Melrose Shell is a Mass in Motion Healthy Market—the first one in Melrose!  Melrose and Wakefield are participating in the Mass in Motion Healthy Market Program, an initiative of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Healthy Snack Rack
Kara Showers & Bob Windt

The Mass in Motion Healthy Market Program works with local convenience store owners to make healthy food and drink options more readily available. By promoting healthy options, the local markets are helping to make healthy choices easier for customers in Melrose.

Nouria Energy Corporation’s Food Service Category Manager Bob Windt, Area Manager Chris Cheney, Regional Manager-South Carmen Santillanes, as well as Tony Santilli, Site Manager at Melrose Shell, have been working with Kara Showers, Mass in Motion-Melrose/Wakefield program coordinator through the City of Melrose Health Department, to stock more fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy cereals and grains, healthy beverages and healthy snacks.

When contacted by Kara to participate, Nouria Energy jumped at the opportunity.  “We converted our Melrose location into a Healthy Snack destination, featuring products lower in fat and sodium.  We are also focusing on a quality fresh food offer, with a line of fresh sandwiches, fruit and an assortment of fresh vegetables.  The Melrose Shell has been designated as a prototype, providing our customers with healthy food options.  Our goal being to expand Healthy Markets Options into a number of locations operated by Nouria Energy,” said Bob.


Bob Windt & Tony Santilli
Bob Windt & Tony Santilli

Please patronize the Melrose Shell at 860 Main Street.  There is now a healthy snack section, a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat yogurt and fresh baked whole grain bread.  Browse these selections and much more with your family and friends.

Decal on Shell window


If you are interested in becoming a Healthy Corner Store in Melrose or Wakefield please contact Kara Showers at 781-979-4123 or



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