Melrose and Wakefield Healthy Dining Program is here!!!!

Calling all Melrose & Wakefield food establishments…join the ┬áHealthy Dining Program!

Helping restaurants and other food establishments offer healthy choices, increase sales and attract new customers

How can you benefit?

  • New customers
  • Free publicity locally and across the state
  • Increased sales

How do you qualify?

To become recognized as a Healthy Dining establishment, when applicable, you must offer:

  • At least two choices of fruits and/or vegetables (other than potatoes)
  • Substitution of salad or other vegetables for fried potatoes (e.g., French fries) at no extra cost
  • Low-fat, low-calorie and low-sodium labels when these items are offered
  • 1% or skim milk when milk is offered as a beverage
  • Smaller portions: half portion size or half-meal-to-go option
  • Two whole grain options, such as legumes or whole grains, such as bread/rolls, tortilla, brown rice, pasta, side roll, cereal, beans, lentils etc

How do you learn more and participate?

Contact Kara Showers, Mass in Motion grant coordinator at, 781-979-4123

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