Start to finish…the 8 minute kid-friendly lunch

Literally 8 minutes (cook & prep time) and if you have a little one, they can help!!

Got back from the library yesterday as the clock struck noon.  As we walked through the front door, my oldest son (3 year old) stated he was hungry & said “I’d like to help, please!”.  I set him up to wash his hands at the kitchen sink while I pulled out lunch ingredients and placed them the counter.

From the fridge, I grabbed: multigrain english muffin halves, shredded cheddar cheese and a pear.  From the freezer, I grabbed: peas & carrots, and corn.  My son put piles of cheese on the english muffin halves and I put them in the toaster oven to toast (“toasted cheese circles”).  As he dumped a combo of frozen veggies into a bowl, we talked about the bright colors and I threw them in the microwave on defrost.  The boys headed to the table and started to drink their milk while I cut up the pear.  BEEP = toasted and defrosted.

Voila!  It’s 12:08pm.  A colorful, inexpensive, healthful  meal that they enjoyed!!

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