Stepping out into Spring

Be healthy, walk safely

Whether you’re stepping out to exercise, run errands or both, make sure you maintain your safety while enjoying the health benefits of walking.

Below you’ll discover:

  • A quick refresher on the health benefits of walking;
  • Ideas for incorporating walking into your everyday schedule and staying motivated to continue walking;
  • Tips for staying safe 

While any physical activity is good, only frequent exercise brings lasting results. Doctors say that people who walk regularly can often attain better long-term health and suffer fewer injuries.

Maintaining a regular exercise routine can be just as difficult as starting one. Veteran walkers and exercise specialists suggest following these tips for staying motivated:

Have alternative walking places in mind to use during inclement weather (i.e. mall, YMCA, etc.)

The Melrose Pedestrian and Bicyclist Committee is an active group of resident volunteers working to improve conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists in the City. Visit to learn more and get involved with their work.

We wish you healthy and happy spring walking days.

Information provided by: Health and Human Service Department staff Kara Showers and Emily Hatchouel, as well as

The Health Department’s name change to Health and Human Services is coming at a time when we are shifting to expand our services in both physical and mental health, where there is a focus on prevention, remediation, and maintenance. The Health Department’s mission has always been to promote the personal and environmental health of the community through education and policy development supported by enforceable regulations, and collaboration with other people and organizations. This name change better encompasses the services the Department is providing.

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