Wakefield BOKS

Volunteers are needed for the fall BOKS session beginning 9/25/17 at the four Wakefield elementary schools.

BOKS (www.bokskids.org) is a free, before-school, fitness program designed to give kids a body and brain boost that will set them up for a day of learning.

Volunteers will be asked to make a 1 or 2x a week commitment to help lead a 40 minute fitness/nutrition session from approximately 7:40am-8:20am (days of week and exact times may vary at each school). Training will be provided! Your child attending school is welcome to be a participant while you help lead the fun! This is an awesome opportunity to make a huge difference with a short time commitment!

If you are interested, please email Melissa Ellison at ellison@wpsk12.org. #boksrocks

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