What are some ways I can promote nature at my workplace (whether it is a group of 3 or 300 employees)?

Improving wellness in your workplace may not only improve the health and a sense of well being of your colleagues but, if you work in a healthcare facility, might also motivate providers to seek the same benefits for their patients. Below is a list of some things (of many) that you can easily do to increase access to nature without having to carve out extra time during the work day:

  • Have “walking meetings” outside
  • Encourage staff to sit outside or in naturally lit areas on breaks or during lunch.
  • Provide outdoor walking, meeting, and sitting spaces.
  • If outdoor spaces are not available or you are in an urban environment, create an indoor garden in an atrium or, if space is at a premium, a vertical “green wall.”
  • Light rooms with natural sunlight as much as possible. Open blinds and, if possible, windows to let in outside air and natural sounds.
  • Display nature photography or artwork.
  • Play nature videos or nature slides on your television or display screens.
  • Place as many plants as you can prominently around the office
  • Offer periodic guided nature walks for staff and/or families with a certified nature therapist (can be found through ANFT)

(adapted from https://hbr.org/2017/06/why-you-should-tell-your-team-to-take-a-break-and-go-outside

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